Crochet Zone Shawls

Crochet shawls


And another friend of mine needed some photos for her crochet shawls 🙂

Toni crochets very beautiful shawls and doilies, you can find her etsy shop here:

We did this photoshoot on a cloudy November afternoon in my yard. Cloudy days are very good for outdoor photos, especially if you intend to shoot around midday, because the light is very soft.

And meet Toni and her shawls!

Yellow crochet shawl big crochet shawl MEV_2410 copy MEV_2412 copy Blue crochet shawl MEV_2419 copy

Photos taken with Nikon D600, Nikkor 85 1.8 G (which appears to be my favourite lens ever).

ISO 800 f/2.5 SS 2000

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