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The Bubble Beanie by Franklin Habit

The Bubble Beanie by Franklin Habit

A couple of months ago, I purchased from Craftsy Franklin Habit‘s course on color choice for knitters. I have watched the most of it, but I will wait until I have time to finish it and I will write a proper review. I don’t know if I have mentioned before, but I am totally addicted to Craftsy courses 😀

So there he offers a hat pattern for exercise – a bubble beanie hat, which I loved. I also found a very similar pattern on Ravelry – This is only two colors and a little bit different top of the hat, but the bubbles are the same 🙂

The idea from the exercise was to use 2 similar in value colors and one with darker value. I didn’t do it this way, I think they all are pretty much the same dark value, but I feel like the yellow is coming in front of the raspberry and grey.

It really is an easy pattern, I had a bit of difficulty with the rib, as I had never done “k1b,p1”, but I got it after a few errors :))

I knit that hat for the my friend’s granddaughter and sent it a few days ago. I hope it arrives soon!





6 thoughts on “The Bubble Beanie by Franklin Habit”

  • The first thing I noticed was your color choice – stunning. I wish I knew how to knit patterns. Thanks for sharing your post with the Creatively Crafty Link Party #CCBG

    • Thank you, Jane! I love these colors too, and the yarn is very soft and nice…It’s going on my list with favorite yarns <3

  • I know the Crafty class you’re taking. Maybe I’ll end up doing it, too. I love the bold choices he makes. Thanks for linking up at Creatively Crafty. I hope your friend’s granddaughter has enjoyed her hat!

    • She did! They sent me a picture of her with the hat 🙂 She is a lovely girl, and I really hope she fights her illness.

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