Twindom shawl – Taiga Hilliard Designs

Twindom Shawl

When I first saw the Twindom shawl by Taiga Hilliard Designs on Instagram, I fell in love 🙂 It looked simple enough for someone who had never tried to knit a shawl/wrap and knitted on bigger needles, it had to be fast!

So I bought some Inca yarn and new needles, because I didn’t have the size and started. It really was simple, but sometime, probably halfway through, I found out I was missing a stitch! I found it a few rows back, but  I couldn’t remember how many stitches I should have had on that row. So I had to rip the whole thing back and start all over. And then again, almost at the end, my yarn was over!! I had to purchase some more and now I am left with an almost whole skein of the Inca. I think it would be enough for a hat, we’ll see.

My Twindom shawl, the final result, is not as beautiful as Taiga’s, probably I made more mistakes, but I didn’t notice. Anyway, the beautiful thing about colorful yarn is, that even if I have made more mistakes, they are not really visible. The shawl is very cute. I am waiting now for crispy mornings to wear it on the way to the office 🙂

The shawl pattern is actually pretty well written and straightforward. It is easy to follow, just count your stitches well.

You can find the pattern here:

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  1. It’s lovely, you did a great job. If you made a mistake, no one else will notice it either. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

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