BinkyLove Safari Rhino – Finished object

I admit I love to test knit. I work as a software tester and finding stuff that doesn’t work as it should is in my blood. 😀 So after 8 hours of software testing a day, if I stumble upon a designer who is looking for test knitters for a project I like, I usually sign up for it to see if I can help finding errors.

2 weeks ago, I signed up for the Binkylove Safari test knit. I thought my son would love it, and also one of my closest friends is expecting a baby, so it would be a great gift. Me and the other testers, we worked hard :)) And we finished some cute toys.

Here’s my binkylove safari Rhino:

binkylove Rhino

Here on Ravelry, you can view all the other projects.

The pattern itself is out today! You can find it here.

What I loved about it is that it’s a mix and match pattern. You get 4 different squares, 4 different heads with the features of a lion, monkey, rhino and elephant and a pattern for paws. So you can make a lot of different binkyloves 🙂 The recommended yarn is 50% acrylic, 50% cotton so you can wash the toy easily. Luckily, I had such a yarn in my stash – Nako Calico, as I am doing a temperature blanket this year. What I recommend while knitting a binkylove is not to over stuff the head! I did that and it opened holes in the nose shaping. But I loved the pattern and I am thinking of making the other animals soon :))

If you want to check another test knit I did, go here for the KISS cowl or here for the Whiskey Spring Shrug (which I wear constantly :D).

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