Christmas wreath cowl – free crochet pattern

Christmas wreath cowl

Baby, it’s cold outside. 🙂 It’s snowing and I am here at home, wrapped in my Range shawl and drinking tea from my Christmas mug . It would be better if it was mulled wine, but I am a bit sick and drinking alcohol when you are on medicines is not very wise, so I’ll…

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Creamsicle Crochet baby blanket by Noorain Nizami

In the beginning of the month I signed up to test the Creamsicle Crochet baby blanket for Noorain Nizami, aka noorsknits on Instagram. I loved the idea of a Tunisian crochet blanket, to level up my Tunisian crochet skills 😀 The blanket consists of squares, as many as you wish for, which you should sew…

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