Red red wine coaster – Free knitting pattern

Red red wine coaster Today’s finished object is a coaster, which I named Red red wine. My dad brought some nice wine this weekend and while drinking it, I came up with this idea. Obviously, it’s the wine’s fault 😀 Bulgaria has some very good wines and wineries. My great-grandparents owned a little grapevine field,…

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The Ladder Hat – Free knitting pattern

Hello! Ladder hat is my amazing new free knitting pattern. It’s very easy and it will make wonderful gift for a winter birthday or even Christmas. It contains only knits and purls, so it is a good hat for beginners 😉 And once you memorize it, Ladder hat is a great Netflix knit too 😀…

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Magic Star Cowl – free knitting pattern

magic star cowl

The Magic Star Cowl came to live when I was looking at what to do with Magic Star yarn, that I bought a year ago. It’s a very artsy yarn, with mohair flavor and sequins 🙂 I thought that a cowl would do for one of the balls. I wanted it to have some lace,…

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