Fibreshare November 2016 Package :)

I finally received a fibreshare package. I registered for the November 2016 Fibreshare round and was very excited. I had to send to the States and to receive a package from another lady from there. I sent my package, but never received one. Got a message from the lady a few days after the deadline that she would send it in a few days. New Year passed, I waited a bit more, but still crickets. I emailed the Fibreshare people and Ashley came back to me immediately. They tried to contact my sender a few times, but she did not respond. So Ashley sent me a package sometime mid February. According to the post stamp it has arrived in Sofia on the 5 March. I got notified on the 16!!! What were they doing in that post office..
Anyway, I went yesterday to get it and I am in love! 🙂

In the middle there’s a lovely blue project bag from
On the right you can see a hand dyed skein by on Instagram – I think the colorway is Graynbow 🙂 It is a blue – light blue – greed – red mixture. I love it. I think it will make great socks :)) 100 g./400m 2.5 – 3.25 mm needles and 75/25 SW wool and nylon blend.

Next I have a hand dyed and spun artsy yarn from It contains Romney, Merino, silk, cotswold, linen, angelina. 85 gr/90 m.

Then a ball of Knit Pick yarn. The color is so nice. I love beige 🙂 100% Peruvian wool, fingering. The color name is Oregon coast heather. I’ve never been to Oregon, but that name kind of makes me want to go there 😀

And the final skein of yarn – Plymouth Galway Worsted – , color 702 – Grey Heather. It is pure wool. I think it will make a lovely hat!

I have a badge and a small notebook, which I can take with me in the project bag.

And in the end, but probably my favorite of all, is the Wee Weaver by . It is adorable! I will weave some small squares of leftover yarn and make some decorations or a blanket or something. My son loved it too 😀 I think I’ll buy him one, I’ll check if we have something similar in a European shop…or if not, will ask some of my friends in the US to get him one. So fun!

It was a very pleasant experience for me and I will enter in the next round!:) I may even start a European fibreshare…that would be fun 🙂