Fibreshare package 2018

I received my Fibreshare package this year again! It’s my third time. I could not be more happy to find out that they’d included Europe option. I am not really sure are we considered domestic, or international, when we send inside EU 😀

My partner was Stefanie from Austria. I chose some Bulgarian and Turkish yarns that we have here. I also sent to my partner some spinning fibre, as she likes to spin. Everything was packaged in linen, as I want to reduce the waste we produce at home. Anyway, she is a sewist too, so I think she can make something with the fabric 🙂 I also sent some sweets, lip balm with yoghurt and soap with roses. We’re the country of yoghurt and roses, but it’s forbidden to send liquids, so I couldn’t send the small souvenir perfumes that are sold here…

And here is what I received from my partner Charlotte in Denmark. She’s absolutely amazing 🙂

This is an original Fibreshare project bag. When someone sends me a project bag, handmade or commercial, I really want to buy a sewing machine 😀

This is Cascade yarns, red tweed. I can’t express how much I loved it. It’s squishy and though I am not a very red person, I am absolutely a tweed person 😀 It looks like perfect hat and shawl set for the winter.

And that’s 100% cotton worsted weight in blue! Mirasol Hap’i. Here there’s not much worsted cotton sold, so I am happy to have it and I’ll make a fast summer top from it.

And that’s some Malabrigo, very beautiful hand dyed. I just can’t stop looking at it. It’s frame worthy 😀

2 skeins of Scottish yarn Rennie, neutral colors. I am very inclined to neutrals these days, grey, brown…all the way (and blue of course). I think they’ll make cute mittens.


Some pretty stitch markers by Artemis yarns.
She was very thoughtful to send me a hand cream without aroma, as I had mentioned I am allergic to almost any aroma (that’s serious, I cough, sneeze and hardly can take breath from soaps, kitchen sanitizers, perfumes, etc. I do not however react to fruits natural aroma).

And tea! oh, how lovely. I do not care it’s hot outside 🙂 I already tried the blue night time tea and it had a sweet taste, of the lavender, I guess :))

Desserts! The Yankie is a dessert ressembling to Mars 🙂 It was very tasty! And dark chocolate which I also liked a lot. And my son didn’t, so a lot more chocolate for me 😀

And here he is, my baby, holding all the squishy goodness 🙂

And that’s how it was packaged.

I loved this turn and I hope to have the budget to sign up again. Although I really need to finish a lot of my stash before buying/receiving new yarn…