Finished object: Dustland shawl – Stephen West

dustland shawl

I finished the Dustland shawl by Stephen West. I think that was the fastest I have ever knitted a shawl 😀 I started somewhere around 10th of September and I finished on I think the 1st or 2nd of October. I wanted to finish it before the Shawlography cast on and I am so happy I managed to! I even casted on a sweater in between the two shawls 😀 Haha. My needles never rest.
Anyway, Dustland shawl is one of the newer patterns, I think I bought it in the summer and when my aunt asked me to knit her a shawl, I immediately thought of this pattern. Stephen West suggest that we make it in a solid yarn, but I had a cake in similar weight and meterage with a few colours, so I decided to use that cake.


Now, to be honest, I didn’t do a swatch, I never knit swatches for shawls 😀 And that was bad, because the yarn was not enough! When I saw the small ball left, I decided to skip the last 9-10 rows but still for the last 20 cms of the bind off, I had to use another yarn. I was lucky that I had one in a very similar light purple.
The shawl is in what I think is a crescent form? I am not sure what that form was called, but I don’t think I like. May be I’ll stick to my triangle shawls from now on.
Anyway, enjoy some more photos of the Dustland shawl and after that you can find a link to the pattern and a link to the beautiful yarn.

And finally:
Ravelry link to the pattern:
Link to the yarn: