Flying Geese Shawl by Charlotte Quiggle

Flying Geese Shawl by Charlotte Quiggle

I was looking for a shawl pattern to make a shawl for my mom. I didn’t want to knit the Twindom again, it’s beautiful, but I wanted us to have different shawls. I stumbled across Flying geese on Ravelry and loved it!

It should be a big shawl actually, but I made it a lot smaller, because my mom doesn’t have a place to wear such a big shawl. Her apartment is small and warm and she can’t wear such a thing at the school where she works. It’s a bit impractical unless one lives in a house with a big yard, to walk around in a shawl and to stay outside on the veranda 😀

The pattern is lovely. It is easy, with a spice of interesting. I memorized it for the first 2 sections and then did not need to look at it. I didn’t even miscalculate this time 😀 It was that easy. I sent it to my mom yesterday, so I don’t have modeled pictures yet. But I’ll be sure to take some when I am back to my hometown.

 Flying Geese Shawl

The pattern asks for 7 skeins and size 10 (US 15) needles. I made it with 2 skeins. The required skills are: knit, purl, y.o, ssk, k2tog.

I found another blogpost by Fidgety Knitter and she knitted the shawl with 4.5 mm. I think hers looks very beautiful and I am tempted to try the shawl again on smaller needles. But that will be later in the year, because I have a few more projects in mind.