Goldenrod sweater, pattern by Linda Skuya

When I saw this sweater on Ravelry, I thought it was really beautiful and I bought it. The best thing was that it used yarn that is actually available here – Alize Lanagold 🙂 Yey!
I left it in my library and continued struggling on my dad’s sweater when an Instagram friend mentioned the Goldenrod sweater and I remembered I actually had it.
I immediately ordered the yarn in the same colour as the pattern and started the sweater. I quit my job a few days after, so I had plenty of time to knit and crochet for the three weeks before my next jobs started :))
The pattern is very easy to understand and does not include difficult stitches. Of course, it need a lot of attention when doing the puff stitch. I miscalculated somewhere and I got a repetition less, but that’s not so bad, as l/XL size is actually very big. So I got it a bit smaller and it still fits me slouchy. I love the llok of it and I love how I feel in it. Making clothes with your own hands is such a rewarding experience, that I am thinking of buying a sewing machine 😀