Granitt Hat

Hello! Due to the revamp of the site, the free patterns were lost. I had a specific request for this one (which made me very happy!), so I am posting it again :))

Skills Needed: Magic Loop, Kitchener stitch
Sizes: Adult Ladies’

Yarn: Lanoso Filzy Wool (the same as Ice Yarns Filzy Wool) – 100gr/100m (109 yards / 3.52oz)
6.5 mm / US 10 1/2 circular needles
8 mm / US 11 circular needles
Tapestry needle

9 sts and 7 rnds = 5cm [2inch] in Granite stitch with larger needles

Stitch Patterns
K – knit
P – purl
K2Tog – knit two together
P2Tog – purl two together
KFB – knit in front and back in the same stitch (increase)
Kitchener stitch –
Granite stitch (flat for gauge knitting) (even number of stitches)
Row 1 (RS): Knit entire row.
Row 2 (WS): K2Tog (decrease).
Row 3: KFB
Row 4: Purl entire row.
Granite stitch (in the round for the hat) (even number of stitches)
Round 1 : Knit entire round. (70 st)
Round 2 : P2Tog (decrease) entire round.(35 st)
Round 3: KFB entire round. (70 st)
Round 4: Knit entire round. (70 st)


Cast on with your favorite cast on 70 stitches on smaller needles (6.5 mm(US10 ½)).
Round 1: K, P to the end of the round.
Repeat 4 more rounds.
Change to bigger needles at the beginning of round 5.
Round 5 : Knit entire round. (70st)
Round 6 : P2Tog (decrease) entire round. (35 st)
Round 7: KFB entire round. (70 st)
Round 8: Knit entire round. (70 st)
Repeat 4 more times.
Round 26: Knit entire round (70 st)
Round 27: P2Tog to last 2 stitches, K, K (36 st)
Round 28: K, K, KFB entire round (46 st)
Round 29: Knit entire round (46 st)
Round 30: Knit entire round (46 st)
Round 31: P2Tog entire round (23 st)
Round 32: K, K, K, KFB to last 3 stitches, K, K, K (28 st)
Round 33: Knit entire round (28 st)
Round 34: Knit entire round (28 st)
Round 35: P2Tog entire row (14 st)
Kitchener stitch the last 14 stitches. (for instructions on kitchener stitch: )
Weave in the ends and wear your new hat 😊






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