Handdyeing yarn

A few weeks ago I decided to try out, this time for real!, handdyeing yarn. I’ve been toying with the idea for about a year now, but it seemed so much work that needed so much space, that I did not proceed with it. But last month I just said “why not!” and ordered some Dharma dyes. Here none sells the common bases I see in indie dyers’ shops, like fingering merino, fingering merino+nylon, mcn, etc. I found 100% baby llama, 100 gr/50m bare wool and that was it, my search was over.
I watched a few youtube videos and a course on Bluprint Premium that I have bought long time ago. (this is an affiliate link and I may earn a small commission if you sign up for Bluprint or buy a course). I decided to try the microwaving method as I would not need to put yarn in my pots. I don’t have one that I do not use for cooking yet.
I put the yarn in water so it can soak. I diluted 4 colours in mason jars, but I did not measure how much dye to how much water, I don’t have such small scales. I put a bit of vinegar in each jar. Then pulled the yarns off the water and I used a spoon to pour dye solution over them. Finally, I packed them in some wrapping folio and put them in the microwave. I microwaved them on my strongest setting, which is 800 watts, 6 times for 1:30 minutes. And this is the result!:

handdyed yarn

handdyed yarn


I have so much more dye left, that I will be sure to try this again when I get my hands on some nice bases. :))

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