Hard Candy hat by Faye Kennington

Hard Candy hat

Faye Kennington, a.k.a UkeeKnits, released a new ebook of very cute hat patterns called Sweets. The moment I saw Hard Candy, I knew I wanted to make it. Luckily, the pattern is quick enough to knit, so it didn’t derail me much of all my other current WIPs 😀

This ebook of hats was written in collaboration with Malabrigo. All the hats are very colourful and bright as most types of candies are. Malabrigo though is not imported in Bulgaria, so I dived in my stash and found some Alize Megafil. It is very bulky, I had it in 3 colours…so why not? 🙂
The pattern is easy to follow and one could make the hat in one sitting.

This hat marks the beginning of my charity knitting this year. I always start around the beginning of summer so I can finish a few items until the collection campaign starts in November. 🙂