6 tips on how to start (and finish) a temperature blanket

temperatue blanket

A few people asked me about my temperature blanket from last year and I decided to write a post with a few practical suggestions to help you start and finish a temperature blanket in 2020.

1) It’s not mandatory to start on 01/01. You can start whenever you want and finish a year of 365 days. You can even make a smaller blanket for a month. You can even make a small blanket for a year (like I did in 2019, which was actually a mistake in calculations:D)

2) You need to decide on the colour scheme you want to use. Then find yarn that has all the colours you want. This year I have chosen Gazzal Organic Baby cotton and I will use some of my leftovers from last year from Nako Calico. And this is my color scheme (in Celsius) :
You can do whatever scheme you want, it doesn’t have to be bright, you can go with neutrals, beige. Whatever suits your mood and taste.

3) Decide on stitch and make a gauge to see how big will your blanket be. This year I have chosen this square:
With 4mm hook and Gazzal Organic Baby Cotton, I get exactly 10 cm (4 inch) square side. For 14 x26 squares, that makes a nice blanket of 140 cmx 260 cm. I will have 2 squares more to do, so I am thinking of using these colours to do a border around the blanket.

4) Decide on which temperature you’ll take for the day. You can take the lowest, the highest, at a specific hour. Last year I took the temperature at 14:00. This year I am planning to use temperatures at 6:30 and 14:00. If you decide to take a temperature at a specific hour – set an alarm for the whole year. Last year there were occasions when I forgot to check at 14:00 and took it later the day :))

5)If you are traveling, decide whether you want to take the temperature from the place where you are traveling or at home. For example, last year we went to Dublin and Liverpool in June. In Sofia, in June, temperatures are in the 20s. In Dublin, the highest we got was 14 and for the day we were in Liverpool – 6!!! 6 in June! I took the temperature from Sofia. But now I think it would have been fun to have cooler colours in my blanket in the summer :))

6) If you travel and you are not bringing your giant blanket, or if simply life happens and you won’t be able to complete your row for the day, just screenshot the temperature for the missing days and complete it when you have time .
Overall don’t stress on it. :)) It’s for fun.
Have a great 2020!

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