Knitting needles case

knitting needles case

2 weeks ago I decided that I need to organize better my needles. Meaning that instead of all over my knitting& yarn drawer, they need to be in a case. I went to my favorite handmade portal Etsy and searched for knitting needle cases. As soon as I saw a Paris themed one, I was in love. You know, when you have spent 10 years of learning French and actually even have earned a degree in French literature, french themed stuff makes your heart sing 🙂 My own wedding was Paris themed! 😀 But that’s another story.

So, I actually ordered it. I must say that it was a pretty fast arrival from France – it took only 5 working days, not like my package to Netherlands that took like a month!? I wonder if I didn’t send it right or it’s just that Bulgarian Post is not very fast…

Here it is:

MIH_7923033016s knitting needles case

It is quite beautiful and very well crafted. It rolls to a compact package to bring when travelling or just to put in your knitting drawer. I bought it from By The Walnut Tree, check out these ladies if you need a knitting needles case or some other case. They also have amazing cushions 🙂

I am now thinking how to rearrange my yarns and the smaller knitting gadgets…May be a small box or a jar or something…