Late Helloween Post – Crochet pumpkin fox

I was scrolling my instagram feed in October and I found this cute little crochet pumpkin fox!
My son saw it too and immediately wanted me to make it. It’s so adorable, that I couldn’t say no.
I used Yarn art Jeans held double and 5 mm hook. I didn’t have felt to make the eyes and nose, so it’s not the most beautiful fox, but that’s ok, my son loves it anyway! I was thinking to use it as a decor pillow on his bed, but he decided that it the fox deserves to be hugged during the night.
A few days pass and my company decides to run a Halloween contest. Now, I am not a person who usually wears make up, and I certainly can not do elaborate Halloween make up, but I decided to enter the contest just for fun. As I didn’t have a pumpkin, I used my fox as a decor 😀 The make up idea was a skull, but I think people thought I was a witch…Anyway, I won! LOL.
Here I am :

If you want to check up the make up tutorial and not my miserable version of it 😀 , here it is:

2 thoughts on “Late Helloween Post – Crochet pumpkin fox

  1. Holly

    Adorable! We must have seen the same post because I tried my own pumpkin fox knit. It was awful. I frogged it and didn’t have the patience to try again.

    1. Mihaela

      Thank you <3 <3

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