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Magic Star Cowl – free knitting pattern

magic star cowl

The Magic Star Cowl came to live when I was looking at what to do with Magic Star yarn, that I bought a year ago. It’s a very artsy yarn, with mohair flavor and sequins 🙂 I thought that a cowl would do for one of the balls. I wanted it to have some lace, and I used 6.5mm needles instead of the 5mm recommended by the manufacturer. So I did a lot of frogging until I came up with this simple, yet nice result – lacey and bobbly cowl:))

It was a spring day when I took it out for a shoot with my best friend as a model. And the next day we were covered with snow, so there will be some more time to wear it.

If you would like to have the pattern without the ads, please buy it on Ravelry or Etsy for Euro 1.5 . Thank you 🙂


yarn: 1 ball (50 gr/ 130m) Magic star   or any worsted weight mohair.
It could be done with any worsted weight yarn.

needles: 6.5mm needles/US:10 1/2/UK: 3

tapestry needle


ws – wrong side

k – knit

p – purl

yo – yarn over

k2tog – knit 2 together

ssk – slip, slip, knit

** – repeat pattern in between **


Cast on 30 st. Knit flat.

row 1: ws p

row 2: k5, *yo,k,* to last 5 st, k5 – 50 st

row 3: ws p

row 4: k5,*k2tog, ssk*, to last 5 st, k5 – 30 st

row 5: ws p

row 6: k5, *y,k,* to last 5 st ,k5 – 50 st

row 7: ws p

row 8: k5,* y,k* to last 5 st ,k5 – 90 st

row 9: ws p

row 10: k5, *k2tog, ssk* to last 5 st,k5 – 50 st

row 11: ws p

row 12: k5,*k2tog, ssk* to last 5 st,k5 – 30


Repeat rows 2-12 5 more times (total of 6) or as until you reach the length that you like.

Cast off.

Sew cast on and cast off edges.

If you do this fast little cowl, please tag it on instagram with #magicstarcowl.

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