Maximus Hat by Libby Johnson (Truly Myrtle)

maximus pattern

IThis autumn I tried to make a few hats for my husband and they all have been frogged as he didn’t like the designs. Well, finally, last week I made a hat he loved. I love it too!


This is the Maximus hat by Libby Johnson,  from Truly Myrtle. The yarn is Alize Lanagold.

Of course, I had some initial issues with all the counting 😀 I have to get some mathematics skills from him somehow (he’s got a BA in Applied Maths) . What is knitting if not exactly applied maths 😀

Anyway,  except not counting well and frogging the first 2-3 rows a few times until I finally made it, all went well. It’s a very well written pattern, just don’t try it out at 22:30. I loved the ribbing part of it, I really enjoy ribbing. It’s kinda therapeutic. I finished the hat for about a week I think. It can be done faster, just my day job and  my photoshoots interfere with my knitting 😀

So now we both have ribbed hats 😉 His Maximus and my Leaf hat. I need to find a ribbed hat for the toddler 😀 I also think that I can somehow adapt the Maximus cables to a scarf to make a set.

Now here are some more pictures.

mev_4619jpegfb maximus hat maximus pattern knitted hat

All are taken with my Nikon D600 with Nikkor 50 mm 1.8 G.  Natural light, F1 1.8, SS 1/640, ISO 320 in the front yard of our apartment building.

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  1. LydiaF

    Nice pattern and one my son would like as well! Thanks for sharing with us at Creatively Crafty #ccbg 🙂

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