Moose Fair Isle Hat by ResQCrafts


I was invited to a bachelorette party this weekend…When we were discussing the gift, the maid of honor asked me to buy a Christmas toy. Obviously, after some searching both online and offline, Christmas toys are nowhere to be found in the end of August. So I decided to make a simple Christmas hat and found this pattern – http://resqcrafts.blogspot.bg/2013/02/moose-fair-isle-hat-pattern.html . It’s really cute 😀
It was a fast knit, nothing special. I just made it a big bigger, instead of 6 mooses, I made it with 7. I had to note down the number of stitches, but oh well, I didn’t…
It turned out a lovely hat and I hope she’ll wear it…when winter is here, because now it’s 25 C…:D