Photography Services

Dear knitter,

Are you a pattern designer? Or a passionate knitter that has an online store? Or you just want pretty pictures of your Finished objects but you can not spend the time on that and just shoot with your phone?

Whatever your case is, I have a solution for you. Let me be your photographer! I have been taking pictures since 2009 and I have a small part-time photography business since 2014. Some of my friends asked me to take pictures of knitted items they want to sell and I realized that I really enjoy shooting this kind of fashion photography.

My style is lifestyle fashion. Your products will be shot on models in natural light, in city landscape or a park (you can give your preference). The pictures will be edited.

So how can we work together?

Currently, I am based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please contact me at After sending you a simple offer to sign, I will give you my address so you could send me a package with the items you want to be photographed. I will message you when I receive them. The pictures will be taken in the week following the arrival of your items. I will give you a download link to get your pictures and I will send your items back. You will receive 10 high quality pictures + web sized/instagram sized versions from different angles, including full body shots, closer angles, back, front, etc. As the pictures are digital download and custom for your items, the service is non-refundable.

The price starts at 50 euro for one item, for every additional item, add 10 Euro. This includes my shipment back to you, but does not include your shipment to me.

Your items will be promoted in my blog and Instagram with a link to your shop, blog and social profiles.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me:

I will be very happy to work with you!

Love, light and perfect stitches,