Pile of charity knitting


So here’s the second pile of charity knitting I did this October/November. I am sending it today to the foundation. I am pretty happy how most of them turned out :))


The scarf is knitted in Bulky weight (may be even chunky?) on 10 mm needles and I did it very quickly. I got the brown/white yarn from the charity foundation, but it wasn’t enough for a whole scarf, so I bought some blue yarn to complete it.

knitted socks

These socks are made from acrylic, but are actually very soft. I bought the Craftsy course for toe-up socks andĀ  it was pretty easy to make them. I finished the course for a day šŸ™‚ I especially loved the afterthought heel technique.


The mittens are from my original pattern, lol. I didn’t follow any pattern, but noted down how I came up with them, so I’ll post it in a few days. I guess there are other beginners who want to make mittens :)) I made them in aran weight on 6 mm needles. That’s size S/M lady’s. I made them for my own hands and I have pretty small hands and feet for someone 176 cm tall šŸ˜€ I made 2 pairs of them.


Now that hat is made using a pattern the charity gave us. I may say it is a bit weirdly shaped? Probably didn’t get the gauge right? Don’t know. But it actually fits my husband, so I guess it is alright. :)) 100% wool, size 5 circular needles and as far as I remember, 109 stitches for the cast on. I have also made 3 other hats for the charity, but gave them earlier and didn’t think of taking pictures.

I really hope a few homeless or sheltered people would feel warm this winter with what we knit for them <3

Edit: Here is the pattern for the mittens :))


2 thoughts on “Pile of charity knitting

  1. Gaby

    Lovely projects. I do some charity knitting too. Thanks for the free mittes pattern.

    Regards from Germany

    1. Mihaela

      Thank you for your comment, Gaby, I hope you’ll enjoy knitting the mittens! šŸ™‚

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