Some new yarn + Recycled yarns on spot

I bought some yarn a few days ago. I had time today to take some photos. It is hard at home, with the running around toddler and all the domino, lego and generally stuff! on the floor. Not that I don’t clean it up, but he is so fast in making chaos back 😀

So I brought my yarn at the office today. I shot with my Nikon D7000 and 35 1.8DX. That’s my old set up, but I still love it. And it’s lighter so it is easy to bring it to the office. Oh, I remember the old days when I got it and my first gig at a concert, my hands were sore the next day, it was weighing a lot more than my previous Nikon D40. And now it seems so light…LOL.

First, I bought some dpns, because I decided I want to learn to knit socks on dpns. Here’s the reference between a 2mm and a 2.5 mm needle.

MIH_7914032916site MIH_7912032916s

And a needle-yarn robot 😀

Eco yarn

Eco love yarn. Contents: 20% Polyester, 80% regenerated cotton. 100gr ball. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about eco recycled yarns, vegan yarns or at least wool yarns which do not hurt the animals. As I am really not sure how animals are treated here, I am thinking of using more and more recycled yarns. Any recommendation of recycled yarns online shops that deliver to EU would be great :))

recycled yarns vegan yarn

This one is Elsan sock yarn. Do you see the lilac and green? Well, I ordered pink and mint!! When I opened the package, I was ?!?!. So I checked the numbers I have ordered to the numbers received – all fine, then I checked the numbers on the pictures – the same!!! I am not really sure what their photographer has done to the pictures, but green is obviously not mint 😀 I will still knit it, but was a bit disappointed…

MIH_7905032916s MIH_7904032916s

And last is Alize folklorik batik. 100% acryl. I love these colors. I am obviously in some purple/lilac mood…

MIH_7902032916s MIH_7899032916s

So, socks are coming!

I will finish the ulveunger sweater by Filcolana in a few days and I will start the socks :))

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