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Red red wine coaster – Free knitting pattern

Red red wine coaster

Today’s finished object is a coaster, which I named Red red wine. My dad brought some nice wine this weekend and while drinking it, I came up with this idea. Obviously, it’s the wine’s fault 😀 Bulgaria has some very good wines and wineries.

My great-grandparents owned a little grapevine field, but when the communist party came to power, our land was nationalized. When the regime fell, the land was returned to us, but it was a small patch, away from our current home, so my granddad and my daddy were not interested in producing wines anymore and sold the land. But love for wine was transferred from the older generations to us 😀 We do not drink much (I actually still have alcohol bought for my wedding 5 years ago:D), but we appreciate good wine when we find it.

Also, in Bulgarian traditions, the 14 February, St. Valentine’s day in the West, is St. Trifon’s day – the day of the wine and winemakers. :)) So this is a little break of all the heart-shaped patterns around before and after 14.02 :))

Now let me show you how to make the coaster.

You can see the colourwork scheme here:

The pattern:

Yarn: I used DK yarn, 145m/50gr , Stenliyarn Baby Merino, 50%merino, 50%acrylic. You can use any yarn you think will do. Gauge is not important for the project, but will affect the size of the square.

Needles: 3mm, you can use any needles suitable for the yarn you chose, gauge is not important for this project, but will affect the size of the square.

st: stitch, stitches

k: knit

p: purl

Cast on 30 st.

Row 1-6: Knit all st. (to produce garter stitch)

Row 7: k5, work the colorwork pattern in k, k5

Row 8: k5, work the colorwork pattern in p, k5

Repeat row 7 and 8


Row 23-28 Knit all st (to produce garter stitch)

Bind off and weave in the ends.

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