Shawlography MKAL – part one – choosing colours and lazy swatch

October is coming right around the corner and with it – Stephen West’s new MKAL. This year the shawl is called Shawlography and is calling for 5 X 100 gr fingering weight yarns.
To be honest, I was not going to participate, as I am knitting right now Dustland (Ravelry link). But then a friend of mine Eli asked me about the MKAL – how did it work, was it difficult, etc. Then she told me she wanted to buy a kit from my LYS and we decided to meet up there.
In the shop, Eli and Daria were so enthusiastic about Shawlography, that in spur of the moment I decided to join in 😀
I am somewhere in the middle of my Dustland, but as we know – it’s in the second part that we get 300-400 stitches a row in a shawl and it gets tricky…But I hope I will finish by 6 of October when we will receive the first clue in the Shawlography MKAL.

So, in the shop, I decided to go with Holst Garn Noble, I just love that yarn so much! I picked 5 colours that remind me of a walk in the autumn forest.
Stephen recommends to have one light, one medium, one dark colour and 2 more. I chose Almond, Mouflon, Chestnut, Ginger and Loden.
At home I did a lazy swatch and it looks fine to me. Also, it reminds me of Bulgarian woven rugs called cherga 😀 shawlography lazy swatch

I can’t wait to see what the final shawl would be 🙂
I also made a vlog about it if you want to see me struggle with English…