Shawlography – Stephen West MKAL 2021 – Clue 1- spoilers :)

I just finished the first clue for Stephen West’s Shawlography MKAL for this year and I am…somewhat excited 😀

Somewhat because I am just not convinced by the final row in this clue.
We cast on on the day of the release in a very fun setting – a few of us gathered at Woolgathering – my local LYS. It was great, and there was wine involved. I can honestly admit that I had to unravel a few rows in the morning 😀 But otherwise it was a wonderful evening.
I really like the panels. I was going to say garter stitch, but yeah, it’s not 😀 But I like how the colours hide behind the white frame.
I can say that I enjoyed working on the next part – the rows with elongated stitches. It’s really pretty.
Aaand finally come the rings – they are made with i-cord. That’s the part I am not loving so much. It’s fun, but…hmm, too weird for me in a shawl. So I am not sure if I am going to keep them, or do more of them if they come up again in the next clues. Or may be I could just do the whole design as intended and then decide if I actually like them? Who knows, there might be some point in having rings in a shawl 😀

Anyway, this Friday there will be a meeting for the next clue, but I won’t go. We have a covid case in my son’s class. We tested him, he is negative, but I feel like a bit of self isolation for a week or two won’t hurt, until we’re sure that the virus has skipped our house.
You can check also my video on the first clue: