Some new yarn from Stenli

yarn by Stenliyarn


Today I am coming with a post with some new yarn I have 🙂 Stenli is a Bulgarian brand from the company Statex LTD, which is located in my hometown of Plovdiv. They have a big variety of all kinds of yarns, from the more simplistic to very beautiful luxurious yarns and art yarns. They also can send abroad. The prices are normal for the Bulgarian market, which means they are very cheap for the rest of Europe 😀

And after the company presentation, on to the yarns 😀

Merino gold Yarn

This is Merino Gold, 50% Merino, 50 % acrylic. The colour is just gorgeous. I love it! I am all about green and blue <3 . The ball is 100 gr and has 125 m of yarn in it. All of their yarns are very soft when you touch them, I still have not knitted anything from that one to see how my hands will handle it, but I don’t think I’ll have issues, I mostly have issues with fine pure cotton.
You can see all the colours here: https://www.pleta.bg/en/merino-gold.hml

This one is marketed as baby yarn, as it is hypoallergenic and antipilling. It is 100 gr skein, with 250 m in it. We’re having 2 babies in the family, one was born yesterday (my husband’s cousin’s baby) and the other one is due in few weeks (yay to becoming an auntie for the first time!! my husband’s older niece was 2 years old when I met him, so I have never experienced the joy of a close relative having a baby since my cousin was born 12 years ago (I don’t have siblings of my own, so it’s through my sister in law) ) . Now, both babies are boys 😀 Well, we’ll see in December, but the scans have shown a boy too for my SIL. So I’ll have to think of another receiver for whatever I make from that pink gorgeousness.
All the colours: https://www.pleta.bg/en/bebe-antipiling.hml

Stenli yarn Donut

Now for this one I have a LOT to say! 😀 I already crocheted a scarf with half of it. I wanted it to be a pattern, but I miscalculated stitches in a few places in the sample, soooo, I will not be publishing the pattern yet, until I figure it out, but I enjoyed working with yarn, so soft on the hands and so pretty colours, that change in an ombre fashion. I am even thinking of doing a giveaway with that yarn, I love it so much, that I want other people to try it too 😀 The yarn is 50% cotton 10% mohair 20% wool 20% acrylic
and 900m in 550 gr. That’s a very generous amount. 🙂 The scarf I crocheted used probably the half of the ball. You can see all the colours here: https://www.pleta.bg/en/donut.hml

This one is called Tiramisu. Stenli have made a bunch of yarns with these dessert names and they are all yarns that change colours :))
Tiramisu is 60 % cotton 30% merino 10 % acrylic and 900m in 450gr. The one I have is so pretty 🙂 I am thinking to make the Coffee Shop Wrap with it . You can see all the colours here:

Rila yarn

Rila is a mountain in Bulgaria, with the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula (Musala) 🙂 The yarn got the name from the mountain. The yarn is bulky, 100 gr contain 110 m of yarn. I don’t think it’s self striping, but I haven’t tried it yet. I am thinking to make a hat for my husband, so I’ll see how the different colours will arrange. The content is 60 % wool from Bulgarian sheep and 40% acrilyc. Here you can view the colours and a short video of someone knitting with the yarn:

Stenli Yarn Loto

Next is Loto. I have knitted with Loto before, and I even have a pattern for it! You can check it out here: It is 50% wool, 50% Acrylic
100gr/ 110m . It is soft and nice to touch. I will probably make the same mittens again:D
Colours available: https://www.pleta.bg/en/loto-9555.hml

And the last one: Aria.

I already knitted an infinity scarf from it. Actually, I crocheted the scarf with my fingers. That was a new and very fun experience :)) The pattern will be available soon. The yarn is very fluffy, it’s like crocheting/knitting with a cloud! It contains 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic
and is in 100 gr there are 110m. That’s bulky weight.
Colors here: https://www.pleta.bg/en/arija.hml