Sviloza Crochet shawls

Sviloza Crochet is an Abu Dhabi designer and knitter/crocheter and an awesome friend of mine :).  You can find her here:

This summer, when she was back to Bulgaria, we did a photoshoot of her recent shawls. Models were two other friends of mine – Vyara and Bobi. As a location, we chose the controversial monument of the Soviet army in Sofia. Not that knitting has something to do with the Soviet army, but because we wanted a central, urban and at the same time with some greenery. We kind of didn’t want the same “model in the park” session that every knitter has done.

So here are the pictures.

MEV_7435a MEV_7433a MEV_7427a MEV_7426a MEV_7423a MEV_7422a MEV_7421a MEV_7415a MEV_7410a MEV_7409a MEV_7406a MEV_7399a MEV_7388a MEV_7387a MEV_7386a MEV_7384a MEV_7380a MEV_7378a MEV_7377a MEV_7375a

Gear used:

Nikon D600, Nikkor 85 1.8G and Nikkor 50mm 1.8G

We did the session at 18 pm, when the light in the summer here has begin to fall, but is very far from sunset. Sunset is around 8.30 in the summer.

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