The Salna Mittens by Inese Sang

Salna mittens

It might be the end of the winter, but I finally made a pair of mittens – the Salna mittens by Inese Sang. I saw the pattern in Frenchie’s Fibre muses Facebook group and immediately fell in love with it. Inese’s photos were lovely and those mohair bobbles got my attention. The pattern uses fingering and lace mohair held together. I thought it would look great with some leftover yarn I had from some other projects.
It took me about 3 weeks to knit the mittens, because I knit/crochet like 10 things at a time 😀 But they are actually very easy, once you remember the pattern. The bobbles are easy to make, you will need a small crochet hook for them. I tried with 2 mms and 4 mms and I unraveled the rows with 4 mm, the bobbles looked too big.
What I am happy about this mittens is that I used up some yarn I had for about a few years now!- left from the Whiskey Spring shrug . I also had some mohair from Lana Gatto. It would be better if I had weighed the yarn, but I didn’t. I used probably half or a bit less of the 25 grams of mohair and probably around 20 grams of fingering Alize Lanagold fine for size 2. The pattern has 4 sizes.
If you want to check out the pattern, here it is on Ravelry . You can also follow Inese on instagram and I’ll be glad if you follow me too!


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