Walk Along Cardigan Test

In April, I stumbled upon a message in a Facebook group from Tanaka Ashika who was looking for people to test her gorgeous pattern for the Walk along cardigan. I signed up very courageously, because I had never made a cardigan ever, lol. I have made a few sweaters, but no cardigan.

Anyway, start of the test comes and I am happy to receive the pattern. Of course none here imports the yarn from the pattern, so I used a substitute. I had at home for a future project some Etrofil Bambino Lux Wool and I was able to match the gauge with 4mm needles.I bought 10 new green balls, because I want to keep the off white for the other project.

In the beginning the lattice pattern slowed me down, but after a few repeats I was able to remember it and work faster.

Unfortunately then came June and I had a new project at work which took all of my attention and I was left with only 1-2 hours of knitting in the evening, after work and after kiddo was put to sleep. That again slowed me down 🙁

When I got to the band and the collar, to be honest, reading the pattern didn’t make much sense to me. Probably because I had never done a cardigan :)) But I just followed the instructions and it turned out really nice.

In the end, about 10 days after the deadline, I am ready with my Walk Along cardigan!! For size L, I used almost 9 of my 10 balls. I probably have about 10 grams left of the 9th ball.

I can’t really model right now, because it’s 30 degrees outside. I’ll have to wait until September mornings or October. The cardigan is size L and on me, 176 cm tall, 78 kgs of weight, 98 cms bust, it fits loosely and it covers well my back as it is supposed to. I can’t wait for a colder weather to wear it :)))

Edit: A few days late, I was able to take some selfies in it!

This is the pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/walk-along-2

My ravelry project: https://www.ravelry.com/projects/eowynofrohan

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That’s all for today :)) Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!