Woolgathering yarn shop in Sofia – by FiveYarns

So there’s a new yarn shop in Sofia!

It opened in February 😀 ,  but I found out about it somewhere in April. And started going there for knit club on Sunday in May. I don’t feel very comfortable meeting and talking to new people, but Daria, the owner makes everybody feel welcome and I find it easy to talk to her. 🙂

As far as I know, currently in Bulgaria, she is the only indie dyer that sells her yarns. I wanted to start dyeing, in the begging for me, and eventually sometimes in the future to start selling. Then I put this idea on standby, because honestly I have no space for it and I don’t know where to import yarn bases from when Brexit happens. We have sheep here, of course:D, but mills don’t produce bases for sale, they produce and dye only for their needs. Apparently Daria was braver than me 😀 and now has a small business.

She dyes beautiful yarns that you can find in the shop at bul Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi 80, Sofia. She also sells them on Etsy.  Daria imports Hols Garn yarn, I did not know about that brand until I saw it in her shop. It has so many gorgeous colours. I am currently knitting a cardigan with the Berry colourway and a Weekender sweater with the Chestnut and Rococo colours held together 🙂

Daria also does knitting courses in the shop.  I am not the greatest with socks,  so I decided to do a sock knitting course with her.  I am very happy with the course. She showed me a way easier heel than the wrap and turn heel I am always struggling with. So I am now knitting the Rye Light socks with Daria’s handdyed yarn. I’ll finish them this week I think, so there will be another post to show them and their beautiful colour.

You can find a lot of Knit Pro products in the shop. There are  some square needles, which I am eager to try 😀

I have taken a few videos inside the shop and stitched them together in a whole video.  If you want to check out my new favourite place in Sofia, here you go!: