Amma granny square top by Maria Valles

Another very quick finished object – the Amma granny square top. And also an update on my hair 😀 After the last photoshoot for the Walk Along Cardigan   I was honestly scared of what had happened to my hair during quarantine, so I was quick to call my hair colourist and get an appointment. Lucky for me, the appointment was the day before my birthday 😀 I showed my new hair to one of my BFFs and she said that a bright lipstick would great, so of course I listened to her and bought a bright lipstick.

The Amma Granny Square Top is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry. For those of you who struggle with Ravelry right now, please do not click the link. I am not sure if the pattern is available anywhere else.

The first time I started the pattern, I used some very thin yarn and 2 mm hook, but I have no idea where that project is right now.  But it stuck with me as a pretty and easy top, so when I was left with almost full skein of Alize Bahar Batik after I made my mom a headband, I decided to do a second Amma granny square top. I used 5 mm hook. The pattern does not come sized, so I measured myself and decided that 60 cm width will be ok. I think a did a square of 58 cms in the end. After the multicolored Alize Bahar Batik was over, I went to buy 2 new skeins. And of course that colorway was out of stock, huh. So I got 2 in just beige. I went on crocheting. I did the back square and started the front square and of course for the last 2 rows I didn’t have enough 😀 But yeah, no way I am ordering a full skein for 2 rows, so I used some left over Alize Bella in white to make a frame around the beige. It’s a little bit thinner than the Alize Bahar, so my second square is a bit smaller. That’s not noticeable when I sewed them together. I made a white border around the neck. It is supposed to have white borders at the bottom and on the sleeves, but I didn’t have enough white. Anyway, I still really love that top. I think it’s perfect for the summer. According to my husband though, it has too many wholes to be wearable in front of people, lol. The original sample of Maria Velles doesn’t have that issue. I guess mine will be worn a lot on the beach.

Excuse my weird posing in the yard in front of all of my neighbours. 😀

I really liked that concept of just making 2 squares and sewing them together 😀 I’ll probably make another top/sweater with that construction.

Pattern: Amma Granny Square Top 

Yarn: Alize Bahar Batik  – that’s an amazon link, but it’s not affiliate. Also, it looks very expensive on Amazon O_O.

Hook: 5 mm