And who is behind the knitting needles?


So who is behind the needles?

My name is Mihaela, I live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am happily married and have a 5 y.o. boy 🙂
My knitting story is an on and off one.

Both of my grandmas tried to teach me to knit when I was little, but it just wasn’t exactly my thing. I would rather read than to anything else like playing, going outside, or even eating and sleeping. 🙂 Reading was (and still is to some extent) my life.
Then I graduated from high school and went to live in the big city. I changed apartments and flatmates. One day I got a new flatmate, a gorgeous woman, and a very good knitter/crocheter who owned a small crochet business. I still was not so interested, but my best friend Toni was! My roommate taught her a lot and I started taking photos of their projects.
And a couple of years later – bam! I met my husband, got pregnant, bought an apartment and started knitting. All in 6 months 😀 I had kidney issues during the pregnancy and had to stick to my bed for the last two months before giving birth. I tried to read and learn a new language, but my brain kind of did not accept much of new information. So I was left with watching movies and …knitting. But when the baby was born, he got all my attention and as he was not much of a sleeper, knitting fell behind once again.
In the winter of 2014 a knitting charity came to my attention. I volunteered as a photographer for them, but also knitted a scarf for a homeless person. And this time, I did not stop 🙂 I asked my grandpa to give me my grandma’s knitting needles and I continued knitting small projects, bought some Craftsy courses and watched numerous videos on Youtube. It took me 3 years to be confident enough to show some of my knitting and crochet designs to the world.

Love, light and perfect stitches,


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