Charity Crochet part 1 – Hat and scarf

Last week I finished 2 items, which I will donate to the local campaign for knitting for the homeless.
First is a very simple hat, crocheted with single stitch and scrap yarn:)) The yarn I’ve used is as follows:
1)the yellow is a Bulgarian yarn called Elina, it’s 50% wool, 50% acrylic
2)the pink is Lanoso Zerda, 70% acrylic, 30% alpaca. I had a lot of this and last year used it for many hats for the same campaign. I had just a bit left and used it in that hat.
3)white – I have no idea what is the white yarn, I found a small ball in my stash and decided that this is where it will go…
4) green – Luks Minos – the same yarn I used in Vesi’s blanket. Held double. I am making one more hat of this yarn and I have a lot more of it, so… I guess my donations this year will be green.
Overall, it’s a very colourful hat and I hope it will make someone happy this year.

The next project is this scarf. It’s Tunisian Crochet, which I learned last year by this awesome course on Craftsy. The yarn is Elina in grey and yellow and I held it double.

I am happy with the first 2 projects for charity knitting this year. I will add a few more pairs of mittens, because the ladies who run the campaign told me mittens and socks are rarely donated.

That’s it for today 🙂 Thank you for passing by.