Crochet Harry Potter

It’s been a month since I finished this very cute crochet Harry Potter. My son turned 7 on 20th of April and wanted all the Harry Potter books and a crochet Harry Potter doll. I searched for a nice pattern and found this one in Ravelry–harry. 

I used Yarn art Jeans yarn and 2.5/3mm hook. It’s a cotton acrylic blend, which I find good for toys.

The pattern is well written, the instructions are good and the doll really looks like Harry! I bought the other patterns for Hermione and Ron too and I will make them all for my kid. I imagine it would be fun to play scenes from the books 😀 Of course he asked me if I could make the three headed dog, but that’s a bit too much 😀 I am not so big of a fan of amigurumi. My hands hurt after so much yarn pulling to make the fabric sturdy, so those 3 dolls for this year would be enough :))