December knitting goals!

So, November was a great month for my knitting :)) I made a few pairs of mittens for a Bulgarian charity. They will be packaged with hats and scarfs from other people and given to the homeless people. This is the second year I’ve been involved in that charity, but the first time I knit mittens! Unfortunately, I completely forgot to take picture of them before sending away.

I also made convertible fingerless mittens for me. As a photographer (and someone using a smartphone a lot (blush)), being able to work with my fingers while most of my hands are covered is very nice :)) But they don’t look very pretty 😀 I would even say that they are a bit ugly, so, sorry, but no picture.:))

December knitting goals!

On 10 November, I ordered some battlings and a spindle from here: . I met Siobhan on Instagram (@siobhanscrafts) and she is so sweet and helpful. My package finally arrived today. It actually had arrived in the post office on 20, but they’ve missed to send me the note. I was so mad. Only a few days more and they would be sending it back. I am really happy I got it today!

This is how nice everything was packaged. I even saved the scrap yarn, I think it can make a nice embellishment on a pair of mittens or something small…
And this is how awesome my battlings are:
I am totally excited to learn to spin. Youtube awaits 😀
Next, here are my purchases from Black Friday:
10 mm needles, 25 mm needles, 4 skeins of Moda (merino wool) bulky yarn to knit a blanket and 2 skeins black yarn to knit mittens for my husband. I could probably do the mittens this month, but the blanket will have to wait.
This will be an exciting December :))
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Love, light and perfect stitches,