Fibreshare August 2017

Despite my Fibreshare issues from last year’s round, I decided to try once again. 🙂
This time I had to send to the USA and to receive from New Zealand! I sent my parcel in the middle of September and it got safely to the US. And my waiting began…I admit I was a bit afraid it would happen the same as last year – my partner to forget about me. So I messaged Kay on tht 16 Oct. to check if she was able to send a parcel. She was very kind and replied that she had already sent and even showed me a black and white image of the yarns 🙂
Surprise, surprise, the package had arrived to my post office on the same day! I received the postal note yesterday and went to fetch my package today. It’s truly amazing!:)

Now let’s check them yarn by yarn ;))

This is DK yarn, 100% Merino, color shade 36 – blue tweed. Love it, it so beautiful and soft 🙂 I have an additional small ball of it, so it’s a bit more than 50gr.

The shade is 654. This is a DK yarn. It has a bit of a sparkle and luster and more luxury feel.

Shade 479. This is so fine, I may need to find a special project for it :))

Aurora color. This is very pretty in person and I am foreseeing some nice socks from it!!

This one has lost its label, but is still such a pretty color. Blue, green, violet are my all time favorites. 🙂

And last, but not least:

The amazing project bag is sewn by Kay herself! How special is that! I want to buy a sewing machine, but according to my husband it has to come with a new apartment, because we’ll need a lot more space for my yarns and fabrics :D:D:D So for now I have dismissed the sewing idea. We already tried the chocolate, it’s very tasty 🙂 I will try the tea tomorrow at the office.

It’s amazing how such a simple thing as sending yarns to the other end of the world brings so much knowledge of different countries, tastes, animals. Like I would have never guessed that there is opossum yarn 🙂

I can not for the next Fibreshare.