Flower face scrubbies

I made this beautiful flower face scrubbies as a small gift for a friend of mine. They are soft and feminine, really cute and fast and easy to crochet. Also, they help you fight waste, as the are reusable 🙂

Flower face scrubbies

Here’s the free pattern:

Yarn: Alize Bella, or any cotton fingering weight

Hook: 3mm (US C or D)


ch – chain one

sc – single crochet

dc- double crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dcc – double crochet cluster – 7 incomplete double crochets, yarn over, pull through all stitches, chain one ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuvYngd7F7o – here the video is done with 4 incomplete double crochets)


Make magic ring.

round 1: Crochet 6 sc into magic ring, sl st, ch 1.

round 2: 2sc in each st, sl st, ch 1. (12 st)

round 3. *1sc, 2sc* , sl st, ch 3 (18 st)

round 4: * 1dcc, ch1, dc* 8 repeats, 1dcc, sl st (35 st)

round 5: hdc in every stitch

You can make it larger by using other yarn and hook, or by adding more hdc rows with increasing.

The blue pouch is another one of my free crochet patterns 🙂 You can find it here! I made it smaller with smaller yarn and hook this time. I love how it is the right size to keep all these face scrubbies in one place 🙂

I hope these little cuties are useful to you. You can pin them and add them to your Ravelry queue 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Flower face scrubbies

    1. Hi Jennifer 🙂 I have already given them to a friend, but as far as I remember, they were 7cm in diameter which is about 2.75 inches. I checked on Ravelry, someone has added a project for them with a slightly bigger hook – 3.5mm and she has mentioned that they are 8 cm. So the size is somewhere there. I was thinking of making them again for myself and I’ll update that pattern with the size, thank you for noticing :))

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