Gryffindor Cardigan

gryffindor cardigan

I am on a row. In January I was also able to finish this cute cardigan, that I call Gryffindor cardigan. I started in October and was hoping to be a Christmas gift for my son, but oh, well. Apparently I have to start Christmas gifts in May with my knitting speed…Anyway. I am really proud of this project. I took the idea from Harry Potter Knitting Magic book (this is not an affiliate link, just showing the book).
But in the book, the cardigan is only in adult sizes. And, of course, we don’t have the same yarn here. Not to mention the struggle to find the colours…To have a similar yarn in grey, red and mustard yellow was a very difficult task. In the end I decided to use some of the leftovers I had from the Gryffindor scarf I made last year and buy another brand of grey yarn, which I had to hold double to get to DK.
After this I made a swatch and calculated everything. To be honest, I am amazed it fit, lol. It’s the first time I was trying to make calculations for a garment.
So I decided the Gryffindor cardigan will be seamed, with one back panel and 2 fronts with a neckline and cap sleeves.
I had to frog the sleeves 2 times, but finally I found a tutorial that helped me a lot :

So this is the cardigan before the sleeves:

And this is the Gryffindor cardigan finished and blocked:

gryffindor cardigan
The kid was not in the mood to be photographed, but he wears it and likes it, which makes me very happy!