Hat and cowl gift set

I just finished this set. Although it’s pretty simple, I love it. It will be a gift for my niece for her name day on the 6th of December – the day of St Nicolas, Nikulden as we call it (my niece is Nicole).

Name days are a very popular celebration here in Bulgaria, it’s basically the day of the saint the person is named after. When people make baby name lists, it’s often an important asset for the names to have a famous name day 😀 I didn’t care much about that, but oh well, my son is Valentine. That’s a pretty big name day in the Catholic calendar, though not so much in the Orthodox.
I am an atheist and I wasn’t baptized as a baby, so name days of other people are more like just parties to me. My own personal name day is on the 8th of November – st Archangel Michail (Michael). I celebrate it as an homage to my grandfather whom I was named after (and born on his birthday:D). I had a very loving relationship with him and I miss him, so it’s nice to have those dates that we celebrated together to think of him <3.

Now back to the knitting. I handdyed this yarn in the summer and was wondering what to do with it. First I wanted to make myself a set of hat and cowl, but then how many hats and cowls does a person need! So I decided it would be a gift for my niece for her birthday in October, but then we bought her some tech thing and my husband suggested that the hat and cowl set would be better suited as a gift in December.:)

The hat is very simple – I casted on 38 stitches on 6 mm needles and I did 1×1 ribbing for 3 rows. Then I knitted stockinette for 19 rows, alternating between both of the colours. And after that I started decreasing for 9 rounds, alternating between decrease row and knit row. And I finished the hat with kitchener stitch.
The cowl is knit flat -I casted on 18 stitches and continued with just stockinette stitch. When I decided it’s long enough, I sewed the ends. Here I was alternating 2 rows.
And that’s it – simple but cute :))