KISS Cowl Simply Grey by Mary-Ann Lammers Designs

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KISS Cowl Simply Grey is a beautiful pattern by Mary-Ann Lammers Designs. It is simple – you just need to know how to knit in round and the seed stitch. Well, if you’re not sure what the seed stitch was, the pattern itself guides you to achieve it πŸ™‚

It uses 10 mm needles (I believe that’s size 15 US) and thick yarn. I chose Bulgarian yarn Amalia, which is 100% wool. On the label it said that the yarn is suitable for 5-7mm, but it actually looked very pretty knitted on 10. And I think 5mm is too small for that yarn. Probably 7-10 would be the correct label?! I don’t even know how the companies here decide what to put on the label, I am pretty sure they don’t use WPI πŸ˜€

Anyway, back to the KISS Cowl Simply Grey – it was a very fast knit. I made it for a week and I have only about an hour or 2 to knit in the evening.

I chose green and pink/violet … I am not good with the names of the colors πŸ˜€ Π’he cowl is for a friend of mine who now lives in Ireland. She tells me all the time how the weather there is gloomy and how cold it is. I believe a cheerful cowl will make her days brighter and warmer πŸ™‚

I took the pictures on my lunch break and this is a colleague of mine – Rennie :))

KISS Cowl Simply Grey

This one is taken with my new Voigtlander 58 1.4, I love it!!

It’s a bit hard to nail the focus manually, especially when you wear glasses, but I’ll get better, it’s a stunning lens!

And these are with the Nikon 50 mm 1.8 G, because we don’t have a long enough lunch break to manual focus every picture :D:D:D

And here you can find the KISS Cowl Simply Grey pattern.

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