Pattern Templates

Knitting /Crochet Pattern template

I have been thinking recently that I need to create a knitting pattern template/crochet pattern template so my patterns look cohesive.

Yesterday I had some time to spend on that task. I used Canva, and honestly I am pretty happy with how it looks. Here are a few of the pages in a Pin structure.
knitting pattern template pin

My husband encouraged me to try selling this Knitting/Crochet pattern design template and I said why not. I’ve been quite annoyed with my job lately, so I immediately imagined how I would earn like 3000 euro/month net and I’ll quit my job 😀 My imaginations runs with the speed of light 😀 That, of course, will not happen. But I would be pretty happy if I could help another beginner designer out there who are busy with design work, tech edit, running tests and doing social media and doesn’t have time or skill to create a pattern template for themselves. So if you are one such person, you can find my template on Etsy (click here to navigate to my shop).
You will receive a pdf file with instructions on how to work in Canva and a link to the template. After that you should login to Canva and copy the template to your account. After that, you can customize it – you can change the colour of the lines (but not the headers), also fonts and sized or you can customize the sizing table.
I hope you like it and it’s helpful! I might do some more templates, or even some in Photoshop.

And just a few more pictures.
knitting pattern template cover

knitting pattern template pages