New Year’s resolution for Knitters/Crocheters

A few days before Christmas, the group of knitters I am part of had a Christmas party 🙂 We all brought homemade (or not) food, we had wine, beer, and soda. A lot of Christmas music helped the mood. At some point we started thinking of what could our New Year’s resolutions be regarding our hobby. I had already thought about that a few days before, so I had one on my mind and it was very fun to listen to what everyone actually struggles with and has on their mind to make better in 2023. At home, I thought of a few more, and I decided to share with you all. You can pick one, two, all of them, or neither! Just do whatever will make you happy in 2023.

Strict budget for the hobby 

This one is the one I picked. Of course, it depends on everyone’s budget. I htought of 2 approaches for this – I pick a sum, multiply by 12 and send the money over one of my cards. Then I use only that card to buy yarn, needles, patterns, etc. The other way is pick the sum for a month and diligently track in an excel file how much do I spend. If I go over, next month I’ll have less. If I go under, next month I’ll have more. I am still debating myself which one to use.

Only buy a pattern if you are ready to make it

Ok, it’s weird to say this as someone who actually sells patterns 😀 But let’s think about how many patterns in Ravelry library, pattern magazines, books we already have at home… I am pretty sure most of us already have enough patterns to knit and could save those 7-8-9 USD instead of buying another pattern that we like, but we will probably never get to knit. So buy a pattern if you only really like it, and you have the yarn in stash or the money to buy yarn, and you will be ready to start it in the next few days.

Learn a new technique

Youtube is full of lessons for whatever you can think of in the world of fiber crafts. Learn more advanced knitting, tunisian crochet or try spinning, weaving… Or may be you are interested in a technique from another country, region? This is your sign to invest some time in learning this year.

Try a new project

Do you always knit the same category of projects? May be this is your year to branch out and try something new. Be brave enough to try a sweater, make some pretty doilies, make Christmas tree decoration…

Only knit one project at a time

This is for the people like me, who knit 5 projects at the same time and finish them soooooooo slowly. What if this year we try one project at a time? I am not sure I could do it, I somehow need to distract myself. It’s weird, I mean I love to be focused for 2-3 hours on the same project, and then I need to work a bit on another one, so I my interest in the first one peaks again…But why not  at least try 😀 and see how I will manage.

Only buy yarn for a project

I know we all love to have a big stash of yarn, but sometimes I look at mine and I know that I will never use some of those yarns. Whether I bought them because I liked them then, or they were gifted to me, some just don’t really appeal to me anymore. So that will be one of my decisions – pick the pattern and buy the yarn I need, trying to not add to cart more than that 😀

If you have another idea, please leave it in a comment, I will be so happy to read your thoughts.

Be happy in 2023!