Old port hat by Andrea Mowry

I bought the Old port hat by Andrea Mowry back in January when it was first released. But as with almost all patterns that I buy, I left it in my Ravelry library for better days when I actually want to knit some brioche.
And that day came with a bit of a push. In the end of October or the beginning of November, I can’t remember right now, Andrea sent out a newsletter for knit-a-long with the Old port hat. I decided to jump in. Winter is coming and I donated almost all of the hats I had knit, so I didn’t have a warmer hat for me.
I dived in my stash and found Stenli Merino Baby, in black and gray, which is DK and suitable for this project. I started happily, knitting was going great. Even 2 colour brioche was no issue. And this until my circular needle broke. In the middle of the brioche. Perfect. Well, it’s some unbranded needle, that I bought in a set of 12 different sizes from China for $1 about 6-7 years ago, so the quality was not great, but it didn’t have any signs of breaking, so I was surprised. I immediately ordered some Addis, but did not have much hope to be able to save my brioche.

When my needles arrived, I meticulously moved stich by stitch, yarn over by yarn over to the new needle. And it worked. No stitch or yarn over was lost in the battle.
So I continued knitting, until I got to the crown shaping and my gray finished. I went back to my stash and found some blue merino, that I don’t really know the brand of. So I finished the hat with the blue and black 🙂

Well, Old port hat happened to be quite and adventure for me, but I loved it! And the finished object is warm and squishy and I will wear it all winter:))
You can find my project on Ravelry here
P.S. On the first snowy day this winter, the 30th of November, we went out to play with my son. I asked him to take a picture of me with the hat and I think he did great! 🙂