Shawlography – Finished!

I can’t belive it, but I finally finished knitting my Shawlography 🙂
I really wanted my husband to take pictures of me with my Shawlography and my new Son de Flor skirts, but Son de Flor are taking their time with shipping…
So an ugly photo in the apartment it is:

My honest opinion – it is still not my favourite shawl, though now, after blocking, I like it way more. I think I like it because of the border. Many people on Instagram and Youtube were saying how boring the border was and they chose another border. For me – the border calms down all the other crazyness in this shawl, that I was not very fond of. Having this border kind of makes me not see the shrimps, which are still my pet peeve.
Overall, this probably will be my last MKAL. Not that I have done many, lol, but I can see why. I will wait until I see the finished project and I’ll decide whether I want to spend money, yarn and time on it. If I had seen this one in the beginning, I would have skipped knitting it.

Edit 28.02.2022

I received my Son de Flor skirts and petticoat and shirt last week. This weekend it snowed and I decided that it’s the perfect weather to do a little photoshoot for the shawl (and the skirt!).

2 thoughts on “Shawlography – Finished!

  1. Ella

    Congrats on getting it done! I’m with you on the KAl part. I’ve seen some KALs by designers whose designs I generally liked but I can’t bring myself to pay for a project I haven’t even the faintest idea about.

  2. Mary-Anne

    I love the bottom of the shawl. I see owls!

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