Handspun yarn-


Some handspun yarn

Recently I bought an enormous amount of merino (500gr) with the intention to spin it to make a sweater. I am not really sure why I thought I had the knowledge and experience to do that :D:D:D But anyway, the merino came with with gifts – 20 grams more merino and viscose threads. Sorry for the screenshot, it seems I have deleted the picture and I have it on instagram only.

I was not sure what to do with the viscose threads, but then on youtube I saw people adding silk on blending boards, that might be possible with viscose too, if I ever buy a blending board 😀

Where it all began: I am knitting a sweater with Puno yarn, but I am buying it 100-200 gr at once. So now I am out of yarn for the sweater and until I go to the shop to buy more, I decided to try spinning again. I chose to go with the 20 grams. I divided it by 2 and I spun it on my drop spindle.

My husband joked that while spinning, I looked like someone who had just arrived from the 8th century. I asked him if he wanted me to join the 21st and buy an e-spinner for 600 euro, but he didn’t agree:D Lol. Anyway.

After spinning it, I dyed it with dharma dyes in blue and grey. I left it to dry and plied it. I must had spun the blue thinner, because it was longer than the grey, so in the end, I plied a few meters of blue only, instead of blue and grey together. But it doesn’t matter, it’s still cute!
I have to think what to do with it now. Probably it will become part of a hat 🙂
handspun yarn

I don’t know about you, but spinning makes me calm and happy. Knitting does the same 🙂

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  1. Mary-Anne

    Yes, calm and happy indeed. I love the blue colour.

    1. Mihaela

      Thank you <3 <3 <3

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