Embroidery on knits by Judit Gummlich, Laine Publishing – review

Last week I received this beautiful book – Embroidery on knits by author Judit Gummlich (and photographer Simone Hawlisch), so here I am now to give my little review.

I decided to get this book in its physical form, because on the Laine Publishing website the pictures were so pretty and inspiring! I was not disappointed. I preordered the book, and I was holding it in my hands a few days before the official release, which kind of made me feel special, lol.

Now, that I’ve had some time to look through it, I still find it inspiring and lovely! I am an embroidery beginner, I have never actually done embroidery, just some cross stitch. So, in my opinion, the book is pretty well done for beginners.

Judit explains very well the materials and tools that we will need, and how to work with them. There’s also a chapter talking about colour and contrast. There’s an embroidery motif in the book which is done with silk ribbons, so that is covered too in the chapters with beginner’s explanations. Before the motifs, there’s a chapter for every embroidery stitch that is used to create them.

Of course, you need a canvas to work your embroidery on 😀 So this can be a sweater, a hat, mittens, shawl, I have even seen embroidery on hand knit socks. But first, as Judit explains, it’s better to try out your motif on a swatch.

The motifs range from beginner level, to some very intricate ones that would take someone better at embroidering than me 😀 I really like the butterflies, moths and bugs. Also, there is one bird on a branch that I love, but this one seems to be more difficult.

The final chapter is about embroidering on mittens.

On the back cover, you can see a paper pocket. In the pocket you will find the big piece of paper with all the motifs on it, for easier copying. I think that some of them can be copied from the book too, especially if you need them for a smaller item, like a hat. But I’ll see how that works soon enough. 🙂

Edit: Today (day after the review was published), Laine Publishing sent everyone who bought the book the digital embroidery motifs via email, so we can resize them. That is a lovely touch.

Well, this is it. I really enjoy this book, and I hope you will like it too, if you pick it up.

FInd the book here: https://lainepublishing.com/products/embroidery-on-knits

P.S. I am not an affiliate, nor has the publishing company sent me a free copy or anything. I bought it with my own money, because I am easily influenced by Facebook ads 😀






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