Viking Knits by Lasse Matberg

Knitting is amazing because it’s not just about making something to keep you warm. It’s like telling stories and bringing a little magic into your life. That’s what I found in “Viking Knits” by Lasse Matberg.

When I first looked inside “Viking Knits,” I was so excited. Every pattern looked like it was calling me to start knitting. Lasse Matberg did something special. He made a book that takes you back to Viking times but in a way that fits our modern life. It’s like he knows how to make the old stories and styles feel new and exciting.

The colourwork patterns look so well, that one can’t decide which one to pick up. What I love most is how cozy everything feels. This book makes you want to knit things that feel like a warm hug. It’s all about making stuff that makes you feel good and connected, like you’re part of a big, adventurous viking story.

Every single thing in “Viking Knits” looks like something you’d want to wear all the time. The sweaters are perfect for going out or just staying cozy at home. And the hats and mittens? They’re just right for cold days. It’s rare to find patterns that are so fun to make and also something you’d really wear.

I couldn’t just look at the patterns. I had to try one. I chose the Synne sweater. Making it felt like I was on a knitting adventure. Every stitch got me closer to finishing my own Viking-inspired sweater. Now that it’s done, wearing it feels like wearing a piece of history. It’s ready for any adventure, big or small.

The only thing I did not like, it’s that all the patterns use yarn that is not available in my country, so I had to make and do with yarn similar in contents and weight, but my sweater came out a little bit bigger than I had calculated in the beginning. Anyway, it’s still very cozy.

Also, I got the kindle edition, because the book costs 25 EUR, but delivery is close to 40, which is ridiculous. But if you can afford to have the hardcover version, I definetly recommend it. I bet it’s lovely to flip through and getting inspired for your next sweater!

“Viking Knits” is more than a knitting book. It’s like a time machine that takes you on a cozy, colorful trip to the past with modern twist. Lasse Matberg made something that lets us knit our way into Viking stories, wearing something we made with our own hands. For anyone who loves knitting and wants something fun and a bit different, this book is perfect. It’s about making things that are old but new, cozy, and full of color. So, grab your knitting needles, and let’s start our own Viking knitting adventure.






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